General Information


Who can apply for Impact Nomads?

Impact Nomads is designed for remote workers, digital nomads and entrepreneurs. We are welcoming openminded people who want to get the best out of themselves, experience a country in depth and have a positive impact on their surroundings. If you want to belong to a community where you can learn from each other and share an amazing experience in Kenya with come and join us!



How long can I join for?

It's up to you! Impacts Nomads is a two week program, BUT since we're running two programs back to back we are happy to have you there for both of them. These two programs will be one of a kind. If you are interested for staying even longer we are always happy to discuss this and advice.



What is included in the price?

Accommodation of your choice, co-working space, all meals, water, WiFi, local immersive travel experiences, presentations, workshops, yoga, meditation and bootcamp classes, mentoring sessions and transportation return from Nairobi train station to Kilifi.



What is excluded in the price?

Airfares, visa fees, drinks and other personal expenses.



How do I join?

Just go to this link and fill out the form. We'll be in touch with you shortly afterwards!



Do you have a refund policy?

Yes we do. We understand that life doesn't always work out the way you plan and changes have to be made. So when you cancel two months in advance you will receive a full refund. If you cancel between one and two months in advance you will receive 50% refund. Only when you cancel less than one month in advance you won't receive a refund.



How safe is Kenya?

After living in Kenya for many years we find is safe enough. Of course you hear some incidents once in a while, but that happens everywhere. If you want to have official advice, please check your government website. The team of trained security guards at Distant Relatives work day and night using recently upgraded extensive CCTV system. We also work closely with KK Security, our Kilifi based Emergency Response team as well as Amini, our local Neighborhood Patrol. Most importantly, we live in a very peaceful and united part of town with friendly and watchful caring neighbors.



Do you provide health insurance?

Impact Nomads does not provide insurance. Please make sure that you have sufficient health, travel and accident insurance coverage.




What makes Impact Nomads different?

Impact Nomads is one of the few programs in Africa and the only one that takes place at a tropical location at the coast that has white sandy beaches and a crystal blue sea. Besides this we wanted to create a more in-depth and holistic program that not only focus on community building, working and fun. With our program we focus on Growth (personal and business growth), Balance (balanced lifestyle), Connect (connecting with likeminded people AND with local people) and Impact (making a positive impact in the world by sharing your knowledge and helping inspiring organizations or local entrepreneurs). We created this program for change makers; people who are intrinsically motivated to make a positive impact in the world.



What is a typical day during the program?

Wake up to the smell of freshly brewed Kenyan coffee. Decide wether you want to join a yoga class, meditation, go for a run or have a lazy lie in. Everyday there will be time for your to do your own work. We have a great co-working space or you can pick one of the comfortable seats at Distant Relatives. Besides work, we have scheduled a workshop, interesting speaker or cool activity for you to join. Fridays are blocked for sharing your knowledge and helping inspiring organizations or local entrepreneurs.



What is the internet speed?

We now have very good fiber internet in Kilifi. And specifically for the Impact Nomads program (we know how digital nomads are data hungry!), we have increased our bandwidth significantly. We also have the option within the hour to increase our bandwidth further should that not be enough. Should you be concerned, or prefer to have a backup plan, perhaps also for when you'll be offsite, Safaricom offers 30GB for 3,000 Ksh valid for a month and we have excellent 3G/4G reception all across Kilifi.



Can I organize a workshop, a talk or contribute in another way?

So good of you to ask! And yes you can. We strongly believe in a sharing community and your contribution is highly appreciated. If you feel you have an inspiring story or helpful skill to share, please feel free to contact us.



What kind of local projects do you have?

We will give you a couple of options which you can choose from. This could be advising a local entrepreneur or local organization that could use your help and expertise. For example, a sport development organization for empowering girls and young women who need to have a marketing expert or a local entrepreneur who wants to bring his product to market, but doesn’t know how to do this. Just want to get your hands dirty? We also have selected a couple of hands-on projects like help in planting trees for example.





Can I bring my partner/family along?

Yes this is possible. Kilifi is a beautifull place to enjoy your free time and children have plenty of things to do. Just know that we don't provide nanny services or childrens’ entertainment. Please contact us for more details and pricing.



What are the meals like?

The food at Distant Relatives is some of the finest you’ll find on the Kenyan Coast. Our passion is sustainability and you will be able to taste it in our local & seasonal ingredients! Distant Relatives serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day and always includes vegetarian options.



Which vaccinations are recommended?

Make sure you are up-to-date on routine vaccines before you come to Kenya (or any other place in Africa). These vaccines include measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, varicella (chickenpox) vaccine and polio vaccine. Other jabs to consider are Hepatitis A, Tetanus, Cholera, Tuberculosis, Yellow Fever, Meningitis and Typhoid.

We advise you to check with your doctor, (ideally, 4-6 weeks) before your trip to get vaccines or medicines you may need. Although in Nairobi you will not find any malaria mosquitos, they can be present in other parts, like western Kenya. If you don’t like to take malaria tablets, please protect yourself by wearing long sleeves and using enough mosquito spray with DEET in it.

Please note: YELLOW FEVER vaccine is required for arriving travelers from all countries. Also, proof of yellow fever vaccination required of all travellers entering Kenya.



What are the visa requirements?

For most nationalities you need a visa to enter kenya, which you can acquire online via or -depending on your nationality- obtain at the airport for USD50 or EUR40. Please check with your embassy. Impact nomads can not be held liable for insufficient visas.

Kenyan tourist visas typically last for three months and are renewable once after which you must leave East Africa. Nearest Immigration offices are in Mombasa and Malindi.



When should I arrive in Nairobi?

Your train leaves at 7:50 AM from Nairobi Terminus so be sure to arrive in Nairobi at least the night before. Traffic can be horrible in the morning so make sure you have plenty of time planned in to get there.



How do I get to Distant Relatives?

Your journey starts with an amazing train ride from Nairobi to Mombasa. You'll go right through the Tsavo National Park and maybe even spot some elephants and giraffes along the way. Welcome to Kenya!

From Mombasa train station you and your fellow Nomads will be picked up and be driven to Kilifi, where you'll be welcomed at Distant Relatives with a well-earned cold drink





What can I do after the program?

Kenya is full of options! Maybe you'll want to enjoy the beach in one of the many beach towns or jump on a safari to see the Big Five. If you feel strong you could even plan on mastering Mount Kenya or the Kilimanjaro! If exploring Kenya further you can fill in this Kenya Trip Planner tool that gives an itinerary based on your interests.

In case you need help on your itinerary or if you want to have it a bit more organised for you we can bring you in touch with reliable touroperators.