We are a group of travel enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and people who would like to make a difference.

Our paths crossed.

Romain co-founder Distant Relatives.jpg


Romain traveled extensively and lived many years in France, the USA, Australia, Ireland, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique & South Africa. Interested in all aspects relating to sustainable tourism, sustainable resource use, community development and sustainable development. Romain is the co-founder of Distant Relatives and Beneath the Baobabs.

Sanne founder Impact Nomads and I Like Local


Sanne has a love for other cultures and is a driven entrepreneur. She has traveled extensively to over 60 countries and lived in various places across the world. She is the founder of I Like Local, a disruptive travel marketplace that makes a life-changing impact worldwide for people in developing countries. Currently she is living in Kenya.

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Anouk’s inquisitive mind and passion for traveling has taken her to all corners of the world. Always eager to explore new cultures, meet new people and board on new adventures. She has worked as a project manager for Schiphol Amsterdam Airport and is currently redirecting her career towards conservation finance. Anouk lives in Kenya with her husband and son.

Mwanase Co-owner Distant Relatives


Mwanase was born and raised in Lamu, Kenya. She is a Co-owner and the General Manager of Distant Relatives Ecolodge. She has a great passion for environmental and social activism, care and consciousness, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Thought and Political Economy from The University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Having lived in the United States, Senegal, France and Kenya, she has a global understanding and approach towards the concept of sustainability.



The world is her playground, but Maike has a special place in her heart for Sydney, Cape Town and Bali. These places are perfect to escape the European winters, and have this unique combination of beach and urban lifestyle. Her motto is “it always seems impossible until its done”. Maike works as a consultant on partnerships that aim to have a positive impact. She also founded the Sunny Side Up Foundation, supporting social entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Joelle Program Coordinator Impact Nomads


Everyone has something to give and everyone needs something to receive. Joëlle has a great love for people and their unique survival stories. That makes her an avid traveler to rural places where she spends time with the locals to experience daily life. As a meaningful connector she shares the inspiring stories and brings different worlds together to create a positive change to projects in emerging countries.


Unified by a passion to contribute to this world and connect the people who live in it.


Connecting through co-creation and shared experience.